1. The Tournament Organiser is the football youth department from VfL Theesen.

2. All games are played to the DFB (German Football Association) rules and there Tournament Regulations. Game length 2 X 25 min.

3. The preliminary round will be played with 2 groups of 4 teams. After which a table will be formed. If the points are the same goal difference decides. If this is also the same then it is decided by the amount of goal scored. Should this also be the same then it will be decided on penalties according to the DFB rules.

4. The 2 best teams from each group are in the Semi-finals. The Winners of which play in the final and the losers for the 3rd place. The other teams play for the places 5 – 8. By Remis the game will be decided immediately on penalties according to the DFB rules.

5. Up to 4 reserves can be used in every game. All player disciplinary points will be forwarded to the DFB (Football association)

6. The Cup presentation takes places immediately after the final.

7. All questionable decisions will be decided by the organising committee who are as follow: Manfred Detering, Asef Duratovic, Wolfgang Irmer, Heinz-Werner Stork und Ulrich Weber